About the company

Our company is a project of professional linguists with profound background and work experience in the field of translation. We are situated in the downtown of Moscow on metro station Kurskaya. Most of us have obtained experience from interpreting in Moscow and abroad. We specialize in different types of translation: simultaneous, consecutive and written. We have expertise in working with foreign and Russian companies on workshops, roadshows, exhibitions and projects in the country as well as abroad. We have represented our clients in such exhibitions as Expo Coating, Expo Electronics, Mining World etc.  We have participated in most of exhibitions from the year 2003 and our clients come from all over the world.




“The company Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. would like to thank MoscowTranslation company for high quality interpretation performed in the Exhibition Expo Electronics. Everyone is MoscowTranslation is professional, helpful and we are absolutely pleased with the provided services. We have found distributors in Moscow with the help of the Moscow Translator interpreter.”

Louis Hirshberg, Sales director, Nu Horizons Electronics Corp., USA.


Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. (NasdaqGS: NUHC) is a leading global distributor of advanced technology semiconductor, display, illumination, power, system and telecommunication solutions.


Safety Vision LP would like to recommend Moscow Translation as the most professional and dedicated company. We have participated in the Mining Exhibition in Moscow and the interpreter from Moscow Translation has helped us to translate and print exhibition materials and was extremely helpful during the whole work.

Bruce H. Smith, General Director, Safety Vision LP, USA


Safety Vision is a global leader in Mobile Video Surveillance Technology.

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